The proposed IPMX roadmap is based on the AIMS Roadmap. Rather than create a standard from scratch, IPMX uses available standards and specifications that meet the needs of the ProAV market with a strong focus on openness.


Proposed AIMS IPMX Roadmap - Feb 2020



IPMX builds on foundational work from SMPTE and AWMA.

For media transport IPMX uses the SMPTE ST 2110 standard. It is the de facto IP protocol adopted by the Media & Entertainment industry for carriage of video, audio and data over IP networks. Its support for both uncompressed and compressed video and audio makes it ideal for ProAV applications.

AMWA's NMOS suite of specifications provide the "plug and play" capabilities needed to easily add and integrate devices in an IP media workflow. When a device is powered up, its resources become available to all devices on the network, removing the need for time consuming manual configuration of I/O parameters.

You can learn more about this standards here:



IPMX takes an open-standards approach to ensure accessibility, ease of use and implementation are available to all. The authors of its components come from organizations that represent the best interests of the ProAV market as a whole, rather than the interests of the few. This is in contrast to other solutions that, while calling themselves standards, are owned by a single entity that controls their intellectual property and usage, whether is it in the form of hardware, software or a combination of the two.

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